Good News Everyone!

To state the obvious, I have not posted to this blog in over a year. In addition, in reviewing some of the posts before I stopped blogging (in 2016) some of them seemed to be fairly derivative of earlier posts I had done without significant new content.

For that I apologize, and hope I will not be writing a similar post a year from now.

Almost exactly a year ago, I took a job with a medical device company in a product security role. This role is one of the most challenging I have had in a while, and for me there is a level of excitement that comes with working on a dozen different tasks that range from hands on / nuts and bolts work to developing an enterprise level product security architecture to executive meetings selling the security story.

It is a different kind of thrill seeking, and so far it just keeps getting better.

As to why the blog has been dead for a year, that is the second half of this post. Initially it was about getting being stuck technically, since i was rehashing the same things I had been doing for a decade. I needed something new to stimulate the brain. Secondary to that the new job had a significant learning curve that left no cognitive reserves for a blog of this nature.

In my experience, there is some finite level of daily cognitive function, and if you use that up before you get out of the office, there is nothing left for hobbies like this. For most of the last year, I was operating in that mode, but fortunately the brain (through learning) is very good at taking thinking tasks and turning them into mental reflexes which impose a much lower cognitive tax.

And here we are.

In addition to this post I have created the first of a series of pages (meant to have some longevity) – Crypto Lab: Windows Subsystem for Linux.

See you soon.

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