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The Chrome browser / platform has a number of internal URLs that provide a wide range of status and settings. In the case of a Chromebook, there are also a number of platform / system level pages since this is core of the entire User Interface. Rather than digging around the code or the web looking for these magical URLs, the writers of Chrome have been considerate enough to provide a “master list” of these URLs. There are also URLs not included in the list and they are listed below as ‘Hidden”. Note that this list will probably be dynamic and change over time. For example – the Chromebook currently does not have a page with power management settings, but for obvious reasons I suspect it will as this platform matures.

Unlisted URLs

  • chrome://chrome – appears to be the same as chrome://help

Listed URLs [extracted on version 230306 / platform falco]

Debug URLs

The following pages are for debugging purposes only. Because they crash or hang the renderer, they’re not linked directly; you can type them into the address bar if you need them.

  • chrome://crash
  • chrome://kill
  • chrome://hang
  • chrome://shorthang
  • chrome://gpuclean
  • chrome://gpucrash
  • chrome://gpuhang
  • chrome://ppapiflashcrash
  • chrome://ppapiflashhang
  • chrome://restart/


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